I am currently working on an essay, focusing on "Who votes in Worcester? What neighborhoods have particularly high and low turnout, and what makes the

First, I found the following article, "Who’s deciding Worcester’s elections? New Worcester Regional Research Bureau report finds small portion of ‘supervoters’ determine city’s municipal elections," Posted Mar 05, 2020.


This references a detailed report by the Worcester Regional Research Bureau which can be downloaded at http://www.wrrb.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/WRRB-Absent-Voters-Report.pdfI have attached this report for your convenience.

Quoting from page 2,
"This report uses a variety of sources to conduct a deeper exploration of voter characteristics and electoral trends. Despite drawing less attention than larger races, plenty of data exists on Worcester voters, residents, candidates, and the interactions among the various groups involved in voting. This report draws on voter information from the Election Commission, cross-referencing it with property information, population demographics, and other sources to present and analyze Worcester voter turnout in a new way—one that, hopefully, leads to ideas for boosting civic participation."

I think you can find and/or derive the information you are looking for in this text.

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